ALG Pharma

Quality of our products is in the hands of the people. We fulfill common endeavour, which is possibility of quality’s improvement not only for our life but for life of all people around us. Due to both high involvement and qualifications of our team, we can create specialized, highly absorbable organic products.


  • Well-being

    Ability of registration and playback of information, associations or mental experiences, thinking skills, learning,, memorizing, creative use of knowledge are basics functions of brain. Function of our brain are invaluable, that is why by the supplementation we can support its functioning and improve our memory's abilities.

  • Vitamins deficyt

    Caring for the replenishment of vitamin and micronutrient deficiencies should be a priority for all of us. It is thanks to them that we can function fully and enjoy life without harm to health.

  • Mother & child

    A family is very important in life, so we want to take care of it all the time. To keep the balance, we should take care of our children without forgetting about ourselves. The quality of the products is very important, especially in pregnant women and in the youngest.

  • Liver protection

    The organ which is the liver is responsible for numerous functions: detoxification of the body, produces digestive juices, stores glucose and many other things. There is little time when he can rest. If we care for it, it does its job properly, if we eat poorly, eat irregularly or the products are too heavy, we are exposed to stress, or use stimulants such as cigarettes, it can be a sign and we can start to feel different ailments , even not directly related to the liver. It's good to help the liver with proper supplementation.

  • Immune system

    This is element of health which must be proper care during all season in the year. Immune system protects our body against bacteria, viruses which attack our body and are reason of diseaes and body's weakness.

  • Digestive system

    Performs crucial task in human’s body. Remolds consumed food, provides food ingredients and energy into body. The main role of digestive system is supply food into body and digestion.



Lab4Baby Panthenol

Protective ointment for babies, containing panthenol which protects the baby's skin against nappy rash.
Dostępny w opakowaniu 100ml.

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Lab4Baby H2Owipes

Wet wipes containing a delicate formulation which cares for the sensitive baby's skin.
The product is marketed in a pack size of 72 pcs.

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Lozenges for pregnant and breastfeeding women based on natural ingredients, help soothe sore throat pain and moisturize throat.
16 lozenges.

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