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Safe and effective product dedicate to ears hygiene.
15 ml

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Waxcontrol Ear Hygiene Spray is an effective and safe ear spray that naturally dissolves and removes the remaining cerumen. In addition, it moisturises the ear canal to maintain its proper hygiene. A clean and moistened ear canal prevents the build-up of cerumen, which counteracts the effects of its accumulation (including inflammation). In addition, the mint oil included in Waxcontrol medical device warms the ear, providing better sensations for the patient and a fresh fragrance.

Indications for use:

• dissolving and removing cerumen deposits,
• moisturizing the outer mucous membranes of the ear canal,
• maintaining ear hygiene in persons with hearing aids as well as for those with excessive cerumen production,
• elimination of water retained in the ear canal in persons practising water sports and bathing.

Method of use:
Before using Waxcontrol for the first time, shake the bottle, then insert it into the vertical position into the outer ear canal and press several times until the fluid appears. Apply the appropriate dose of the product by pressing 1-2 times and gently massage the outer part of the ear. Repeat the same procedure in the other ear.
The spray form ensures an even spraying and precise dosage. After using the product, the tip of the applicator should be washed under running water. For hygienic reasons it is recommended that one product should be used by one person. Do not tamper with the applicator with the view to maintaining the product properties.

Do not use the product after the expiry date stated on the packaging. Use during six months from the first use.

Store in the original container in an upright position at temperatures below 25°C. Keep out of sight and out of the reach of children. Do not use after the expiry date placed on the packaging. Do not use in case of damage to the packaging.
Protect against direct sunlight.