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200 g

Proper functioning of the intestinal microbiota.


30 tablets

Organic zinc in the form of zinc gluconate.

D3 VitalGold

120 tablets

It contributes to the proper absorption of calcium

Elektrolity Musujące

20 effervescent tablets

Is a dietary supplement in the form of orange-flavoured effe

Ginkgo Total

60 coated tablets

Supports memory and concentration.

Gold Skrzyp Comfort

60 coated tablets

It affects healthy hair, strong nails and beautiful skin.


60 capsules

Support for the proper functioning of the venous system.

Hepafemin Plus

40 tablets

Helps to protect liver, keep right digestion and lose weight

The ALG Pharma brand specializes in the production of preparations and accessories that can contribute to strengthening the well-being of the human body. Our laboratories produce dietary supplements, medical devices and care cosmetics for the whole family.

Thanks to our technological background, we offer you vitamins, microelements or herbal extracts that can positively affect digestion, immunity, sleep quality or contribute to stress reduction. Polish dietary supplements are available in the form of tablets, capsules or drops.

Our assortment also includes medical devices for sanitary purposes. We do our best to ensure that the prepared accessories fulfill their functions as gently and naturally as possible.

In addition, we offer Polish skin care cosmetics for the sensitive skin of children and adults. We have created products with a protective and soothing effect, rich in plant extracts and soothing substances.