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ALG Pharma

We welcome on polish company ALG Pharma website, which is producer, distributor and exporter of high quality supplements of diet.

Our mission and values

We are constantly looking for innovative methods which results with high quality of products. We build, create and help.


We provides products with the highest quality. We endeavor to keep your health in the best possible condition.


Constantly updated information allows everybody to recognize with on-going products’ offer and our current sale.

About us

ALG Pharma

Quality of our products is in the hands of the people. We fulfill common endeavour, which is possibility of quality’s improvement not only for our life but for life of all people around us. Due to both high involvement and qualifications of our team, we can create specialized, highly absorbable organic products.

Immune system

This is element of health which must be proper care during all season in the year. Immune system protects our body against bacteria, viruses which attack our body and are reason of diseaes and body’s weakness.


Ability of registration and playback of information, associations or mental experiences, thinking skills, learning,, memorizing, creative use of knowledge are basics functions of brain. Function of our brain are invaluable, that is why by the supplementation we can support its functioning and improve our memory’s abilities.

Vitamin deficiency

Caring for the replenishment of vitamin and micronutrient deficiencies should be a priority for all of us. It is thanks to them that we can function fully and enjoy life without harm to health.

Digestive system

Performs crucial task in human’s body. Remolds consumed food, provides food ingredients and energy into body. The main role of digestive system is supply food into body and digestion.

Respiratory system

The respiratory system is primarily for breathing. With it, we take the oxygen that every cell in our body needs. Respiratory tracts are also one of the barriers preventing contamination. That is why it is so important to eliminate any of its dysfunctions. Any problem with sinuses or excessive drying of the nasal mucosa can be solved.

Liver protection

The organ which is the liver is responsible for numerous functions: detoxification of the body, produces digestive juices, stores glucose and many other things. There is little time when he can rest. If we care for it, it does its job properly, if we eat poorly, eat irregularly or the products are too heavy, we are exposed to stress, or use stimulants such as cigarettes, it can be a sign and we can start to feel different ailments , even not directly related to the liver. It’s good to help the liver with proper supplementation.

Mother & child

A family is very important in life, so we want to take care of it all the time. To keep the balance, we should take care of our children without forgetting about ourselves. The quality of the products is very important, especially in pregnant women and in the youngest.

Detoxication and weight control

Water in the body is extremely important for the proper functioning of organs. Water supports the cleansing of the body by eliminating toxins in the urine, transports nutrients to each cell and cares for their proper hydration. That is why it is so important to maintain its correct level.

Venous system

The venous system of the legs is made of veins embedded deeply and the surface ones embedded just under the skin – thin and delicate. Most circulatory dysfunctions lead to blood stagnation in the veins and excess fluid accumulating in them. Their consequence is inflammation and edema. Therefore, any symptoms resulting from venous problems should not be underestimated. The good news is that there are suitable products on the market that will help you avoid venous insufficiency.

Ear hygiene

products should consist of natural ingredients that support the dissolution of wax in the ear canal. It is an ideal alternative to chopsticks. Ear hygiene products allow to fight the discomfort caused by fungal or viral infections, which manifests itself in the form of tinnitus, dizziness, temporary deterioration of hearing or feelings of pressure inside the ear. Our offer is available in a fully health-safe formulation.

Excessive sweating

Sweating is a very important body function-it helps our body to cool itself in overheating conditions. For many people, this clever mechanism, unfortunately, means underarm stains, wet socks or unpleasant, sticky hands that embarrate us in the embrace of welcome. How to remedy this? We could offer the Perspicontrol Max – the best solution for maintaining the correct sweating process.

Memory and concentration

Most often, memory and concentration problems are dedicated to the elderly who, because of their age, have problems remembering certain events and names. Tablets by heart will not only be useful for seniors. Also in young people may appear: distraction, weakened concentration or lack of ability to remember. This is most often the result of chronic stress, fatigue and a sedentary lifestyle and spending long hours in front of a computer monitor. Tablets for memory and concentration will also be useful for students during periods of increased mental effort.