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Metabol Fast

Support the reduction of the fatty tissue.
Quantity in package: 60 capsules

Metabol Fast is a dietary supplement containing a carefully selected mixture of substances and plant extracts supporting the reduction of the fatty tissue.
The combination of Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Extract, Green Tea Extract (EGCG 55%), Cayenne (Capsaicin 8%) and Black Pepper (95% piperine) Extract, Nettle Extract as well as Citrus Aurantium Extract containing 6% of synephrine supports the reduction of body weight and the capacity of the body to burn fat, decreases the appetite and supports the digestion.

L-tyrosine improves concentration and alertness, decreases stress and tiredness related to training.

L-carnitine improves the effectiveness of exercise and recovery after the training.

Caffeine decreases the feeling of tiredness, invigorates and adds energy, and it also contributes to the metabolism of fats, thus supporting the control of body weight.
It is especially recommended to active persons practicing sport or working intensively.

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