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SKIN exfoliating foot mask

Silky smooth skin in 7 days.
Quantity in package: 1 pair

SKIN exfoliating foot mask

1 pair/universal size

  • AHA/BHA acids support reconstruction and improvement
  • natural plant extracts
  • urea
  • allantoin
  • betaine

Feet care

Silky smooth skin in 7 days

Exfoliating socks, selected composition with active liquid, gently removes calluses, resulting in well-groomed and velvety soft feet. The innovative socks allows you to skip the laborious and difficult removal of calluses foot care products. Active liquid containing AHA and BHA has a keratolytic effect, softens the epidermis and ensures effective reconstruction damaged foot skin. Regeneration and hydration are provided by urea, allantoin and betaine. Extracts from lemon, pineapple, passion fruit, pears, grapes contained in the product, opuntia and honey extract helps in the renewal of the epidermis.

The exfoliation effect depends on the condition of the skin and the degree of calluses. Exfoliation process usually starts after 4-7 days and may continue for another 3-5 days. During this period do not use other exfoliating preparations or mechanically exfoliate the skin. For support the effect of smooth feet, the treatment should be repeated no more often than every 30 days.

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