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h2owipes kids wet wipes

Water-based baby wipes and baby wipes.
Quantity in package: 60 pieces

Unique combination of ingredients

  • Water
  • Grapefruit Extract

Ultra-delicate wet wipes for the care and cleansing of delicate skin contain 99.9% water in combination with 0.1% fruit extract, which acts as a natural preservative.

It is a safe and effective cleansing of sensitive skin. The product does not contain irritating chemical additives and can be safely used even by allergy sufferers and people with atopic dermatitis or other skin problems.

Perfect, clean water in combination with grapefruit extract, cleanse and smooth the delicate skin of the baby in a friendly way, e.g. during diaper changes.

The lab4Baby range of baby products was created with our youngest generation and their moms in mind for an informed and better choice. Best used in conjunction with a protective scroll ointment.



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